African Grey Parrots For Sale

Welcome to African grey parrot farm. We are expert breeders with so many years of experience in breeding of African Grey Parrots. We offer healthy, sociable, perfect and extremely talented parrots to many families like yours and will continue providing wonderful additions of lovely Birds for many years to come.

Accomplished mimics, avid talkers, compassionate friends… African greys can take on many roles. That’s why they make ideal pets for humans who are ready to expand their families. If this sounds like you, African Grey Parrot Farm is where you can get your birdie.

Our African greys are tamed, hand-raised, and exposed to people for early and healthy socialization. They can be easily trained and aren’t wary of humans and other pets. In other words, they are perfectly ready to make their home in your living room.

Elli – (Female African Grey)
Fabian – (Male African Grey)
Cole – (Male African Grey)
Baby African Grey Parrots

Our exotic birds do not carry “exotic” price tags. They are affordable and can be shipped throughout Canada and the USA for free. What’s more, our African grey parrot prices include a 1-year congenital health guarantee.

Don’t worry about your African grey’s way to your home. Our parrots enjoy a first-class travel experience with professional handlers during ground transportation and specialized airlines for their time in the air. Make no mistake: your birdie will stay hydrated and full during their flight in a temperature-controlled compartment.

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